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{Q} Is there anything I need to do before the shoot to get prepared?

{A} There are a few things that will make it so much better, getting a manicure and a pedicure the day before. Coming to your shoot with freshly washed hair un-styled and no products in it. No makeup on, and a clean face. Them fresh shaved legs to show off.  And then the rest is in our hands. With our Professional Hair and Makeup you will feel like a million bucks.


{Q} Where do your shoots take place?

{A} All of my shoots take place on location.  Often times, this means your home or the home of a friend, a hotel room or bed and breakfast.  I do own a studio to shoot in (Location Garden City, GA). Client must pay for all costs.  I prefer to shoot at a location that is suitable for the look the client is going for.  For example, a luxury hotel room is better fit for a sexy and romantic shoot than a vintage style shoot.


{Q} How long will our shoot last?

{A} I would allow around 4 hours from start to finish. Makeup application will take about an hour and I spare a little time for travel and relocation. My shoots generally last for about an hour and a half to two and a half hours. I shoot until we are all out of ideas and we both feel we have plenty of final images to choose from.


{Q} Do I bring my own clothes and props or do you bring them?

{A} While I do have a few things I bring along to the shoots based on the look my client is going for it is up to you to provide your wardrobe and then use my pieces as you’d like.  If you have a specific idea for a look but don’t own the proper things then feel free to ask me what I have because I might just have what you’re looking for and can bring it along!  Please note that everything I bring is washed after each session and if you choose to wear a pair of panties or bottoms I have then you must also wear a pair of your own under them for sanitation reasons.


{Q} Can I bring a friend along?

{A} Of course you can! I know you may be a little nervous and want to have a friend there by your side to make you smile or share an inside joke with. I have no problem at all with you bringing your friend or sister or mother to our shoots! I just ask that because of the nature of the boudoir shoot, that your friend is a female and is someone you are comfortable with, so you are even more relaxed at our shoot, and not more uptight and worried.


{Q} Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio?

{A} While I would LOVE to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos! HOWEVER, I also completely understand if you or your significant other might be uncomfortable to share them. So I will not share unless you grant permission. The bottom line is: Just because we do a shoot doesn’t mean the world has to see them. Just let me know you would rather your images stay private and no one, online or off-line, will see them!  All boudoir photos are stored on my computer in a password protected folder and are only posted online after I have been given permission from my clients.


{Q} Do you still shoot weddings, families, ect??

{A} I do enjoy lots of different types of photography, but I specialize in Boudoir, Pinup and Model Shoots. So while I do offer mini sessions once a year for families its not something that interests me. I can give you great referrals to some other great photographers for those type shoots. I will make exceptions for referrals and existing clients on a case by case basis.


{Q} Should I tan before my shoot? What about spray on tanning?

{A} No! I have see far too many tanning debacles in my career. And NO! on spray tanning. Even if done right, 9 out of 10 will still look orange, and theres nothing I can do really with that. So to be on the safe side please don't, at less not before your shoot.


{Q} Can you hide my (tummy, thighs, bum, ect)?

{A} There are all sorts of ways to work with that, that's my job to worry about and I know just how to take care of it! So come relax and lets make you feel beautiful again!


{Q} Can my friend bring a camera along and take a few pictures during the shoot?

{A} Because of the nature of this shoot and because I am under contract with my clients, I respectfully ask that no other type of camera is allowed during the shoot.  Cell phone camera, point and shoot, video camera, etc.  Please respect the client and photographer when it comes to this decision. (You may see behind-the-scene photos here from time to time and it is important to know that this was discussed with my client beforehand, I was given full permission and the person documenting the shoot behind the scenes is part of my team as a photographer.  All photos are posted, as always, with my client’s permission.)


{Q} Do you have a contract?

{A} There is a contract that I have all of my clients sign. It basically protects both of us against fraud or negligence. In short, it states that all images remain copy written to me and that neither of us will sell or make profit on the images without prior written consent of the all people involved. It also states that no poses or ideas were forced upon client or photographer. The contract is signed at the time of booking and returned with your 50% retainer.


{Q} Do you offer to train other photographers?

{A} Yes, I do...not often I don't mind helping out other photographers whom are interested in shooting models, boudoir, ect. Just contact me about a mentorship or if you just still like picking my brain lol. click here for more information on this.


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