...and I'm in the business of making you feel beautiful again.


       little about who I am? I am Charlotte Wilson, the owner of Envy U Photography, LLC, a local woman owned business. I am originally from Baxley GA, I am COUNTRY at Heart & Soul! I enjoy music of all sort & art. I am a GODLY woman, I believe in a persons value. I believe in honesty. I have a son that is my heart. I lost my daughter to a drunk driver in 2001, they are my passion of why I do the things I do. I enjoy a good movie (action mostly). I enjoy laughing and socializing with friends & family. But most of the time you will find me in front of my computer .. studying a new trick .. Or planning a shoot.


Photography is my BIGGEST PASSION in the WORLD. Its what keeps me going. I have won many awards for boudoir photography. I have won many awards for boudoir photography. I am a giving person and I enjoy giving back, and with boudoir I can do just that!  I enjoy showing women just how beautiful they truly are. I enjoy helping models see their potentials.  I enjoy doing senior sessions too. helping them be creative and show of their amazing last year of school, give them something to really remember!


I am committed to helping make every woman realize that YOU are beautiful, even when you aren't  feel it! Trust ME we ALL have those days, where we would just like to crawl under the bed. I know I sure do!


But at Envy U Photography, we like to offer you something different, a experience, something you will cherish a lifetime & your significant other will benefit from it also!


When you walk into our studio, You are greeting with warm, southern charm. I offer a safe and wondering place that allows you to express your unique femininity without any judgments. In fact, its just the opposite, with many praises. its a Experience that I have seen to be life changing experiences.



It offers you, your self confidence back, it reminds your husband that you are still sexy,

It shows you how to learn to see yourself again, as everyone else sees you.

My Mission that I live by...

"To bring the best experience to millions of women,

who wish to be envied by millions. And to stop just one moment in time for you to look back on and treasure for times. We want each and every women to experience what we offer and show how HOT you truly are!"


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